Pass the Pigs

If you like playing Farkle but want to mix it up for a crazy night of score keeping, try the game Pass The Pigs.  Same general idea as Farkle but you roll pigs rather than dice.   You can roll a number of different combinations of pigs.

  • Pig on it’s back= Razorback: 5 points
  • Pig on it’s feet= Trotter: 5 points
  • Pig leaning on it’s nose= Snouter: 10 points
  • Pig leaning on it’s ear= Leaning Jowler: 15 points
  • Double points for twins!  So 2 Trotters: 20 points! Etc.
  • Pigs on their same side = 1 point
  • Pigs on different sides = FARKLE! (Pig Out)
  • Don’t forget about the scary “Oinker” (Pigs touching each other) = Lose ALL points and start over with 0!

3 thoughts on “Pass the Pigs

  1. Patrick

    Roflmao!!! I would play that with a friend when, we were young. You seem to be missing some of the ways to score. I believe there was one called “Hoofer”. I definitely remember “Makin’ Bacon”. This is where on pig is mounting the other one. Lol.

  2. Cindy B

    What’s the Hoofer and how many points for that one and how many for Makin Bacon (Mom & I always laughed so hard on that one!)

    1. dacy Post author

      Hoofer? Do you mean Trotter? Trotter is 5 points. If the pigs touch each other (Makin Bacon) you loose all your points.


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