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Alternative Rules

Since the advent of electronic versions of the game, more and more alternative rules have surfaced.

One of the common new rules is: if you roll 4 of a kind, your score doubles. So, it would break down like this if you were rolling Fives:

  • 3 Fives = 500
  • 4 Fives = 1000
  • 5 Fives = 2000
  • 6 Fives = 4000

Some people play that 3 pair = 750

Some people play that a straight = 1500

We are purists and play by the original rules, but many people like to break the rules now days. In fact, I’ve heard that some people don’t use 6 Wooden Dice or even eat Tostitos® Chips and salsa while they play. Can you believe that? Wow!


18 thoughts on “Alternative Rules

  1. Al lawless

    The instructions do not specifically state if a Farkle player can set aside non-scoring dice in the hopes the next roll will yield a good score. Example: withhold a non-scoring pair of sixes (along with a scoring one or five). If the next roll spits out a six, then collect 600 additional points. Is this OK?

    1. Gary Ambrose

      It is totally up to the group playing and what they agree on before hand. There is no right or wrong way as long as your having fun. Therefore you may want to bend a rule such as how many points you need to get on board. I use 500 as a rule so it doesn’t take so long to get game going. Great game, have fun.

  2. robin

    we play that to coattail on to someone else to score, you put up 500 points. Is there a rule that if you Farkle after the first role is successful that the 500 points would not be deducted?

    1. dacy Post author

      That is not part of the official rules so as long as you decide before you play what your alternative rules are, its up to you.

  3. Pam Warda

    I understood that on the first roll, if I threw 3 5’s, it was only worth 50 pts. per die. But any other roll, if I threw 3 5’s, it would count as 500 points. Is this the official way. or am I dreaming?

    1. dacy Post author

      In the original rules it would be 1100. 1000 for the 3 ones and 100 for the extra one. If you are playing alternative rules, then the answer depends on which alternative rules that you are playing. Some people double the points for every extra one. So, it could be worth 2000.

  4. JK

    Those “new rules” regarding doubling scores have been around for at least 30 years, so newer than the original, but not so very new. This is how I learned to play long before I knew it was called Farkle. But the original scoring is easier to remember, especially for kids just learning the game.

    That being said, I love the website, and love you spreading the joy of Farkle!

  5. PJ

    If I roll a pair on the 1st rol (re: 2 5’s or 2 1’s} and then 2 more pairs on the 2nd roll does that count for 3 pairs?

    1. dacy Post author

      I personally don’t play with “doubles” since they aren’t part of the original rules but I believe when you do play with them, the pairs have to be rolled in one roll.

  6. sirish

    I wondered about the pairs rule….if it’s not a pair of 5’s or 1’s there shouldn’t be an opportunity to keep them because a pair of 3’s in itself is not points… and therefore isn’t kept to allow another roll


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