Official Rules of Farkle

Farkle is one of our favorite games to play. My wife and I have been playing it for over 20 years. Since it can be played using any 6 dice, most people don’t purchase an official game but rather learn the rules and play on their own. Doing this helps to save lots of money but also can cause problems when rules are forgotten or two different people play by different rules. You’ll notice that different game companies publish the game using different spellings. Is it Farkle or is it Farkel? (It’s Farkle)

This site is here to help! We’ve published the official rules of farkle as well as some alternative rules as well.

If you would like to just purchase the game, you can do that too. Just click on the image below. (No, I’m not affiliated with this game manufacturer, It’s just one of the many Farkle games that are available.)

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8 thoughts on “Official Rules of Farkle

  1. Sheila

    When playing by your rules,am I understanding this correctly? Roll the dice and say I get a 1 and a 5 , I can keep both or toss 5 back in and roll the rest. Then the next roll I get three of a kind and two odd balls. I take the three of a kind out and then I have option of quitting or rolling. I chance and roll and get a 1 and a 5, do I get to continue rolling or am I over? I was thinking I can still roll as long as I get dice that are useful my husband was under the impression that my turn would be over. So if it is over how would I get to 1,000 points to even get to count on the board? Thanks for clearing this up.

    By the way lol I think I’m going to get some Farkle spray lol cause it sure stinks to Farkle hahaha

    1. dacy Post author

      You are correct. After you roll the last 1 and 5, you not only get to keep rolling, you have to keep rolling. When you get all 6 dice as point dice, you have to roll all 6 again to continue adding to your score. If you roll a 6-die Farkle, then you lose it all. hehe, Farkle spray. :)

  2. Patricia Manson

    I play with a group of women who when they roll all six dice and get a good score, they do not want to roll again. They think it is an option to quit. Is this one of those rules where different groups play with one rule and another play with another rule?

    1. dacy Post author

      The original rules are that you have to roll again. There of course are some that play otherwise.

  3. paru

    I have recently bought the farkle game. The box does not have the instructions sheet. I don’t know how to play the game.. I cant understand it on your site. Why and what type of risks should be taken. Please reply as soon as possible

  4. R LaRance

    I am playing Farkle on a tablet. It mentions special dice (3 of them) that doubles a score, reverse a farkle etc. Help explains how to use these but not how to get these to use.

    1. dacy Post author

      That is not the original way to play. That rule is specific to your game. I would contact the company that made that App and ask them. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


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